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About Alami.Net

Alami Net is a leading internet solution provider, providing it's customers with service of highest standards. As part of our development and growth, Alami Net has maintained high level technology in servers, modems and dialup networks.


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Here, at Alami.NET, we thrive for customer satisfaction. Reliability is our name, speed is our drive, adaptability is in our nature, and creativity runs through our veins. We are the leading internet solutions provider in the greater Jerusalem area. With a wide selection of services, ranging from home internet connections, lightning speed ADSL services, business-to-business networking, to on the move wireless networks, Alami.NET is attempting to take the region into the digital age.

The Cool.NET project emphasizes on consistent connectivity to the world. The ranging objectives of this project make it the first of its kind in the area. Our responsibility towards our community drives our motivation to improve. The nature of the project in itself is dynamic and compatible with your everyday needs. From iCool.NET (Internet over ADSL), rCool.NET (Radio over Internet), sCool.NET (E-learning in education institutions), to cCool.NET (Internet over Cable), the project facilitates our community transition into the new millennium.

At this day in age, where information can be sent across the world within seconds and knowledge can be shared globally at near to zero costs, a high speed connection is a must to keep up with the information revolution. Whether it be at home, or at the office, Internet over ADSL is the solution

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